What is QQ Mail and what is it for?

A lot of people in North America and Europe have never ever read about QQ Mail, yet it is one of the greatest electronic mail providers in the entire world, much like Yahoo, as well as its related social network QZone is next simply to Facebook or twitter in terms of the amount of energetic registered end users. Just how can this be?

The solution, in a phrase, is: China. Because so many websites that we take for granted here are blocked in China, they have no choice but to develop alternatives that are permitted by the government. QQ Mail or qqmail is the country’s most widely used cost-free email program, and thinking of China’s substantial populace, that permits it to rank along with key professional services like Google and Gmail.


But qqmail is not simply for folks residing in China - it’s come to be really well-known in places like Korea and Japan, and also as more and more companies in North and Europe The united states begin to work alongside companies based in these Asian countries, it’s becoming increasingly clear that using a qqmail bank account can make these interaction less difficult. Basically, anyone that routinely is in touch with individuals Chinese suppliers would benefit from a totally free qqmail account, whether or not it’s forbusiness and school, or another reason. For example, getting a qqmail email address is a great first step to being able to reach people there, even if you’re just interested in meeting new people in China because you’re trying to learn Mandarin.

How can QQ Mail operate?

QQ Mail has a very simple interface, but it essentially works exactly the same as any other free email service like Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook. If you sign up for a message tackle, you’ll get yourself a common-seeking email with the ability to add more associates, send and receive messages, make electronic mail groups and deliver group emails, and so on.

Although this is a really modern day e mail support, it’s practically reminiscent of that old AOL or MSN credit accounts in that your qqmail e mail is immediately a username for QQ’s immediate messenger. The difference becoming that, contrary to your old AOL accounts, qqmail has selections for voice and video chitchat, and pretty much everything else you might assume from an advanced electronic mail program today.

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